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Moniluxx Is Still Here!

Moniluxx Is Still Here!

Moniluxx is still here! I took a little bit of a break as I shifted my focus to building Moniluxx Boutique my natural bath and body company.  It is Q4 2022 and I am busy with inventory, ad creation, growing my social media accounts, and learning how to successfully create TikTok videos and IG Reels. Now I am running 2 growing brands that are still in their infant stages.

As a refresher, Moniluxx is a luxury home décor company.  I offer quality ceramic vases and cozy thick throw blankets.  Many of our décor pieces carry a contemporary Indian influence while giving symmetry, balance and a feeling of warmth and comfort through colors, design and textures. My love of color, quality textures, and contemporary style is reflected in the décor pieces chosen for Moniluxx. I am very proud of my mixed Indian/Black American heritage and both cultures are a large influence in my brand style.  I’ve purposely communicated this style in my brand image and in the pieces carried in the store.  I have to say, intently and consistently demonstrating this in every post and video is not easy, but necessary to attract your brand audience.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, learning TikTok and IG Reels has been the most challenging. Not because it is hard to learn how to do them, but because I am truly an introvert and I try to stay off the camera a much as possible.  As video posts become more standard, it is becoming easier to regularly create videos and consistently post on the platform of your choice.  Initially I didn’t realize the importance of organically growing your social media accounts. However, I continued to post regularly and engage with my followers for well over a year now.  I have seen a slow, but steady increase in my followers and website visitors.  I post on my IG Moniluxx account 2x a day, 5 days a week.  Yes!  That is a lot of posting!  I have found that if I batch create and use an auto poster account, such as Planoly, it makes it so much easier to post across multiple social media platforms. It is $12 a month well spent! 

I am still learning as I go.  I’m sure I possibly could have sped up my growth by investing in mentors and carried a bigger ad budget.  But as I stated in a earlier blog, when starting out without any extra resources to put toward outsourcing, I was a one-woman show! Yes, I learned to figure it out myself…..mostly! 😊  In this blog, I will talk about my entrepreneur journey, tips and tricks for small businesses, and share tidbits of my décor findings.  I invite you to come along on my journey and hopefully, I can make it interesting enough to keep you entertained! 

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