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Introductory Post

Introductory Post

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website, and welcome to Moniluxx! I created my company in late 2020. My company is my baby and has been in the works for 12 years. I’ve always known that I wanted to sell luxury comfort goods online, but I didn’t know where to start, and I didn’t have the needed start-up capital. Back in the day…2008  online businesses were just gaining their footing in the market. So, after suffering a layoff in 2008, I went back to school. In 6 years, I obtained my MBA. With my new degree in hand, I entered the workforce full of expectations and dreams. They were quickly shattered when my degree was all but ignored in my chosen field of Executive Administrator to C-level executives. I quickly learned that you could only go so far in the Executive Assistant role before you need to diversify your skillset.

Fast forward to 2020, Covid19.

Not making light of the many lives lost, unemployment, and social anxieties…I recognized an opportunity was practically dropped in my lap! Online had become the ‘in’ thing! It is now easier than ever to establish an eCommerce business. My desire to establish my own company was reignited, and I hit the ground running!

As my intro on the main page states, Moniluxx is a representation of my love of luxury comforts such as soft and luxurious throws and blankets, richly scented candles and fragrance oils, and special household items that may catch my eye. I am loving every aspect of creating my company and making it special for you. I aim to bring you beauty, excitement, and an extraordinary shopping experience.

Twice a month, this blog will share with you my experiences in the ups and downs of creating a business while being a wife, mother, and friend, and life in general. Just like the saying says….

‘When life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop martini!’

Till next time!

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