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YouTube Is My BFF!

YouTube Is My BFF!

So, I have my EIN and LLC certification.  Now the real work begins! To be honest, when I first started, I YouTubed everything! If it wasn’t for YouTube videos on everything from ‘How to start your business’ to ‘What are my next steps,’ I would never have really known how the process works in starting a business.  So, after receiving my LLC certification, I applied for an Amazon Sellers account.

Yes….I sell on Amazon as well.   I researched all the YT videos on how to start an Amazon business.  So, I started with finding a product to sell on Amazon.  I watched a ton of videos on ‘how to correctly research a product,’ and purchased various computer software’s to assist me in finding a profitable product. I found that JungleScout, Helium10, AMZ Scout, and AMZ Keywords were my most invaluable tools in researching products. Finding a viable product to sell on Amazon is not easy. Especially if you are ‘Private Label.’  That means you are selling your product with your brand name on the product. I do not want to go into detail here, (that would be a book!) but go to YT and you will find all that you need there to point you in the right direction.  Unfortunately, no one can tell you exactly what to do for your business, you will have to decide that for yourself while listening to advice from those who have done it before you. Balance is the key!

I identified a prospective product, I researched the trends, calculated the cost of product procurement, and current online demand. I choose Mask Lanyards. Mask lanyards are the straps that connects to your face mask to keep your mask around your neck. They are small, lightweight, and relatively low cost to buy inventory. With the current pandemic and everyone wearing masks, it was a hit!   I found a supplier on Alibaba to provide my inventory, and I was on my way!  This product is also on this website under ‘Home Goods.’

After ordering my inventory and while waiting for my product to arrive from China, (it takes a few weeks) I decided that I needed to begin creating my website.  It was advised to establish a website later after my Amazon store was up and running.  This is incorrect!  Your website is needed to begin collecting emails for your customer email list.  You will need this list later to send your customers news and updates about your company. My plans were not to rely on Amazon solely for my business, I wanted my own standalone company that can work in harmony with my Amazon store.  The journey in creating my website has been real!  With no one to advise me other than YT, I just kinda figured everything out on my own.

So, in late September, I begin the process of creating my website.  But there were a few other actions that I should have taken before creating my website.  Yes!  I’m talking about establishing Social Media accounts.  This was going to be a wild ride as I didn’t have not one social media account and wasn’t familiar with them!  As usual, I jumped in feet first……..

Till Next Time!  

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