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Where Is Everyone?

Where Is Everyone?

Remember that question that I said my son asked me in early January?  ‘Mom, how many followers do you have for your company?’  My answer was a blank stare because I had Zero!  I was not posting on ANY social media platform!  Therefore, because I did not find my audience that would be interested in what I have to offer, I launched my business and website to ‘Silence.’  I learned a valuable lesson in the importance of building your business level by level and creating a strong foundation (customer base) to support everything else.

So, I got to work!  I researched WHAT Instagram and Facebook were.  I had no clue!  But I quickly got up to speed and began to understand the importance of social media in establishing your place in your niche among other e-commerce businesses doing the same thing.  I began posting content specific to my brand image and products. I searched out other IG accounts that were similar to my niche, observed what they were doing, and I re-worked the process to showcase my brand. It’s important to know that I didn’t just ‘copy’ what others were doing, I took note of their successes to create my own path and journey.

At this time, I didn’t realize it, but I still had not grasped the concept of ‘finding my audience.’  I gained followers and likes and spent hundreds of dollars on advertising, but I wasn’t seeing the success that I knew I could have.  Honestly, it took me months to figure this out.  I would ask other professionals, ‘experts’, but they gave me answers that simply did not work for me.  So, I knew I would have to figure it out on my own.  Which I finally have!  From January to June, it took me 6 months of learning the ins and outs of my business, the numbers, my website, content creation, and searching out and speaking to MY audience to find what finally works for Moniluxx.

This was a huge success for me, because I always wanted to stay behind the camera. I’m an introvert by nature and super private. I never wanted to be on video or in the forefront of my business.  Unfortunately for me, I found that I have to be somewhat visible.  People will not automatically trust you or purchase from you if they cannot put trust in your brand or put a face to the name.  Think about what draws your attention when scrolling on social media. It’s all visual!  I was hoping to circumvent this ‘little’ aspect of my business, but nope!  So that is the stage where I am now in my journey…..pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.  I am still utilizing paid advertising on Facebook, (it really works!) but I’m also focusing on creating content that will allow my audience to see a little more of ‘who’ is Moniluxx. With my followers count increasing, I feel it is my responsibility to communicate more and become more personable.  So, what did I do in the middle of this learning phase?  I created and established Moniluxx Boutique! 

Moniluxx Boutique is a luxury spa and selfcare product-based company.  My first love has always been luxurious spa comforts, such as soft throws, fragrant candles, perfumed body scrubs and butters, rejuvenating salt soaks and super moisturizing bath bombs. I suffer from eczema and extremely dry skin. Throughout my life, various lotions and skincare products never worked on my skin. So, I researched suppliers who handmade their products specifically for eczema sufferers, extra moisturizing with a soft fragrance. It was very important to me that the products were organic, all-natural, responsibly sourced, yet solves a problem. The products I choose for MB I use every day and they definitely solved my eczema issues and then some!  I know a lot of people suffer from eczema and I knew it could help others too. Featuring products that problem solve and makes you feel like a million bucks, I decided to spin off a new company using the same brand theme, just a different product. Luxury, Style, and Comfort describes both Moniluxx and Moniluxx Boutique.

That brings me to my next phase in establishing my businesses……..

Getting prepared for Q4 Fall/Winter!  Don’t forget, I am an Amazon seller as well!  Q4 is huge for AMZ sellers.

So, I invite you to come along with me as I prepare Moniluxx, Moniluxx Boutique, and my AMZ store for Fall/Winter.  I have a lot to do and I’m really already behind!  I need to source and confirm my fall/winter inventory, create gift sets and bundles, and ensure my audience is with me every step of the way!

Ready?….Let’s Go!! 

Till next time……

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