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What Is A Hashtag?

What Is A Hashtag?

Hmm…Where were we?

Right!  In my last post, I stated that I started selling on Amazon and began creating my website BEFORE establishing any social media accounts.  Boy was that the wrong move to make!  Having a presence on social media platforms is important. I learned that acquiring followers (or an audience) for your upcoming products is so very important!  This is the thing…..once you began selling your product and launch your website, who is going to see it?  Other than family and friends, no one else will know you have launched. On a side note: Assuming it’s because I launched in the middle of Covid, my biggest consumers were not my friends and family!  Surprising, right?  So, you will need to focus on building your consumer or target audience base.

FaceGram or Instabook?!
This is where the social media accounts come in.  Yes, you will need to open business Instagram and business Facebook accounts. Not personal!  The business accounts will provide you access to valuable insights on your business. After opening my accounts, I began posting content related to my business.  The Moniluxx brand promotes a feeling of tranquility, calm, and luxurious comfort products. So, I began posting quotes with a spa-like feel and promoting self-confidence and self-care. Visit or follow  my IG account to see my posts @monivluxx. Remember, I never had a social media account. I had no idea what a hashtag or ‘tag’ was and what it meant. I had a sharp learning curve ahead of me.  It took me a couple weeks to actually post correctly and to put in place the correct hashtags to reach the intended audiences. But, you will get it and master it!

As you began to gain followers, you’ll began to see which posts generate the most attention. Always direct a focus on your brand or directly to your website. Trust me, it is harder than it sounds!  Identifying your target audience is so very important. There is of course a lot more details that are involved.  Again, YouTube will be your best friend!

Have fun with your posts!  Engage with your audience. Don’t be afraid to learn how to create video ads promoting your service or product.  I have learned so much about creating graphics, ads, and videos.  There is a plethora of software or services that can help to make your life so much easier.  You will wear many different hats while getting your ‘baby’ off the ground, but it’s a different type of hard work.  You will enjoy this.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn this until after I started selling on Amazon and launched my products.  I launched to crickets! Silence! Nada! Zilch!   Uh oh!  What did I do wrong? Back to square one! 

Till Next Time!

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